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'infected' Business with Coronavirus

Events and Coronavirus do not belong in the same sentence unless you're a government official informing the masses to postpone their events and not to gather in large groups. As you know by now events of all kinds have been postponed and canceled.

Though I do not have the coronavirus over the past few weeks my business has been ‘infected’. During this time a handful of clients have postponed and canceled upcoming events refunds have been processed. It was a swift acceptance of the coronavirus effect. I’m in the group that believes these precautions are necessary and warranted with the inevitable growth of the coronavirus. My inbox normally with a few leads a day has come to a halt and I’m quickly realizing this will likely be an unfortunate situation for so many not just within the genre of events. Friends and family are being sent home left with so much uncertainty. We are all struggling to accept the long term effect this will have and the loss we will occur.

Likely the world and this country are a few weeks to months out from a measurable recovery. Small businesses and many industries will be put to a test that they have not quite experienced before in recent history. I have begun to take steps to reduce my business-related subscriptions and expenditures. In doing so I'm concerned that these measures will barley make a substantial dent in the long term survival of such a specific business model, one that revolves around human interaction and large gatherings. Putting all this aside I plan to return strong post-pandemic working with all my clients to reset during the journey back to normalcy.

My optimism remains high during this time and I wish all my clients, agencies and fellow small business owners the best while we set aside work. At this point, It's hard to judge how quickly things will turn around especially within the events space. I suspect it will take some time and we all will return to business with a healthy urge to reconnect.

Over the next few weeks, it will be time to get creative, love thy neighbor and together take measures for a speedy recovery. Regardless of the unknowns I look forward to the uninterrupted time of reflection and spending time at home. I genuinely wish everyone the best while we as global citizens care for one another and not to forget so many are experiencing hard times.


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